It has never been easier to own your own farm.

Actually, the opposite is true; or maybe not. It all depends from where you are at. A home in the city is way more expensive than a home in the farm. We just have to look at the home prices in large cities such as L.A and New York City. Obviously, it's impossible for poor country folks owning under 40 acres to pay the prices City folks pay for their apartments.

This is another false indication that life in the city is better and easier than life in the country.

The easier way to start up your little ranch when you have little or no resources, is by getting an FDA loan or by finding a good farming job that pays off for your future home. However; getting any loan to start a farm is also the easier way to loose everything.

The chances of loosing your new farm are quite high, especially if you are new at farming. It's almost garantee for you to do poorly on paying your loan.

That makes the loan solution; not such a solution. It should be a better way.

Cutting costs and starting small spending what you can, and creating what you can't pay or just delayting all the goodies you can't afford might perhaps be a better approach to obtain your new farm or homestead.

Cutting costs and abstaining from spending can be also dangerous for business, especially if you are ready for production. Actually; this is the key. If you are ready, take the loan; if you are not, get ready without a loan. If you can't get ready; you won't have your farm anyway.