Does a person needs money to make the difference and help others?
The number one excuse of everyone who says they want to help others is usually money.  I have no money; therefore, I can do nothing.
Nothing can be done without money.
However; we know money is relatively a new invention.  Before money people lived, had children and families, lived in homes, cultivated the land and some other things.
The point is that it should not be the only way to move in life.
Before money; there is cooperation, community, kindness and hard work. 
Don't get me wrong.  It's good to have money; but what is not good is to paralyze yourself when you have no money and to allow money to control our lives.  Money is an object to serve us; not the other way around.
The sense of community should overpass the necessity to trade with money as an indispensable medium.  The most valuable currencies should be kindness, hard work, integrity and responsibility.
With time, I had learned that pixie dust is actually a thing.  Magic happens from believing that you can even when it doesn't look like it's even possible.  Creativity, collaboration of friends and hard work is much better than large sums of money.

Is money the solution to your problems?

Apparently it is. And perhaps many people with money help those less fortunate. But, are they really
in the position to help the poor? One thing rich people don't like to have around is poor people.

Do the people who earn the lottery help their poor friends? Actually no! Rich are afraid of the
poor which they often see them as potential criminals.

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