Farming is basically to plant and to raise animals to eat. 

However; farming is way; but way more than these.  In a complete sense;  farming is to husband the land according to the back to basics book.

Farming is to living as food is to humans.  Farming is the base of all resources.  Everything comes out of the soil and the sea.  Most industries somehow derive from farming or everyday farming activities.

Here in America; farms became workshops, workshops became shops and shops became manufactures and today manufacturers are turning into giant supply change with online store fronts.

However; something has been lost in the path.  The people has lost power to choose.  The land has lost strength and even our seas are loosing their fishes.

It seems that we need some forms of farms back.

The problem is that traditional farms are no longer a solution.  Farms need to evolve and so our system.  We need to regain our power; but without the bringing back the problems from the past of diseases, lost of harvest, without pesticides, without dangerous fertilizers, without adding to the climate problem, etc.

There is a large number of challenges; but so are the new solutions.  Science as well as the research of old technologies are bringing new horizons into farming.  Let's take advantage and choose those solutions that work for us.

However; we also should be cautious.  Not because something is knew means it's better.  Neither is something better, better than new.  Both old and new can add into a better way to do things.  The key is to solve problems without unwanted side effects knowing what we are doing and why.

Education, precision in our techniques, listen to the experts without necessarily following, and complete responsibility for our actions and resources are the keys.

Sustainable Farming could save the planet.

Yes, we heard!  Cows are killing the planet.  But they also produce plenty of manure to push up organic farming.  They are not entirely negative.  In my humble opinion; the worse thing about raising cows is the waste of meat at distribution centers and supermarkets.  It's obvious that the supermarket shows way more meat than what we can buy. 

If we can suspend completely the spoil of meat; we would had done something very good.  According to, 1.4 billion pounds are wasted every year.  And according, 20% of all the meat produced in US isn't consumed.  About 35 million tons of food is wasted every year.

We all know that this waste could be use to create compost and give it back to the land instead of using fertilizer.  It should be a better way to manage waste.  Just throwing things away isn't working for us.

The most important elements in agriculture are basically: good soil, good seeds and water.  The key to all of this is that the soil should be good.  To get a good organic soil takes many elements in consideration.  Good nutrition of the soil is vital.  To add the proper nutrients to your plants without fertilizers, you need good composts that include all the necessary nutrients.

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